Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Dance Therapy Workshop

It is all well and good moaning about the lack of support out there but unless something is done about it nothing will ever change. So here I am, blogging away like a crazy person trying to reach out to anyone who has been affected by rape. I am reaching out and really asking for you to be brave and resilient and step forward to help me.

My aim is to do a dance therapy workshop for rape victims of any age, race, gender with their friends and families who may have been affected by this topic. Anyone can participate but I am keen to ensure that people involved in the workshop experience have been through similar experiences as I am hoping this will stop any feelings of shame or embarrassment.

It will be an extremely supportive environment and although it will be based around dance (I will explain why in a second) no one will do anything they are not comfortable with. The whole purpose of this worksop is for it to be supportive and therapeutic.

Why dance? Personally, having done dance at university it has always helped me to express myself. It is a way to communicate without words and sometimes this is vital. As I have discussed before, society can be prone to shying away from the topic of rape and the actual word has such a stigma attached to it it is hard to reach people without getting a reaction first. Dance therapy has been proven to help trauma victims work through their issues in a physical way and it has been extremely helpful for them.

I will ensure that I have trained dance movement therapists at the workshop along side counsellors in case anyone needs them. As I have said it will be a safe place to breakdown if needed whilst at the same time cartwheels and jumping is celebrated!! It will be a support group with movement to use however you see fit.

Sounds good right??? I NEED YOU! I can put this workshop on by myself but it wouldn't be too much fun and it would just be me dancing in a room by myself. Please be brave, please come forward and please email surmonterdance@gmail.com

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